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About PHG

Our origin and vision

PHG Hotels & Resorts is an international company focused on providing hotel consulting advisory. Our company was founded in 2009 by Ivar Yuste and other real estate and hospitality experts. Our hospitality consulting assignments have taken us so far to Spain, UK, France, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil and the United States. Prior to founding PHG, Ivar Yuste has worked in projects in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Lebanon and Jordan.
Ivar Yuste has held various business development and hotel consulting roles, always in the Travel & Hospitality space. Prior to founding PHG, Ivar was Managing Director Corporate Development for BlueBay Hotels & Resorts, the hotel division of the Marsans Group. Ivar joined BlueBay from Wyndham Worldwide. Ivar is a member of ISHC, the International Society of Hospitality Consultants.

Our service proposition

We become the hotel consulting advisors in our clients’ projects and transactions

What makes our hotel consulting approach so different?

We come from the hotel sector

The reason we can advise hotel owners is because we have previously managed hotel properties and departments in large hotel chains.

Senior team

We bring decades of experience in the hotel sector and we do not delegate our work to junior staff.

We are in the market

Because of our size, we are more agile and flexible. It is much easier for us to obtain the market intelligence our clients need for their projects.

More competitive fees

We don’t pass on overheads into our projects so our fees are always lower than the competition.

Our hotel consulting values

Hotel consulting firm PHG combines a unique vision of the equity and deb markets with a deep understanding of the hotel and real estate industries. We put forward a portfolio of services that goes beyond mere hospitality consulting or advisory services.

International listed companies have been relying on PHG's hotel consulting services for years