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Terms of use

PROFESSIONAL HOSPITALITY GROUP HR SPAIN, S.L.(also referred to as PHG), is a legal entity registered in Spain with registration number B-86161320, and acting as PHG Hotels & Resorts hospitality advisors.
Our registered address is Lagasca 26-2D, 28002 Madrid, Spain. This legal entity follows onto the activity of PROFESSIONAL HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L., registered in Spain with registration number B-35681063 and with legal address at Lagasca 26-2D, 28002 Madrid, Spain.
PHG reserves the right to act legally in business through other legal entities in other countries outside Spain.
All texts, graphics, designs, photos, logos, source code and any other element of this website, are of the exclusive property of PHG, or PHG has agreements with third parties to use those elements. The site is protected by Spanish copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
PHG hospitality advisors reserve the right to modify any of the mentioned elements at any time.
Any use of the site not specifically permitted by PHG is strictly prohibited, including using the site to reproduce, transmit, display or distribute copyrighted material in any medium or via any method without PHG’s express written permission; copying, storing, editing, changing, preparing any derivative work of or altering in any way any of the content provided on this site; or using our site in any way that violates these terms.